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Heavy machinery demand large gear reducer good prospect

Publish Time: 2020-10-11 Origin: site


According to the preliminary statistics, the industries with large consumption of reducer mainly include: food machinery, electric machinery, metallurgical machinery, environmental protection machinery, electronic and electrical equipment, road building machinery, chemical machinery, light industrial machinery, mining machinery, transportation machinery, construction machinery, building materials machinery, cement machinery, rubber machinery, water conservancy machinery, petroleum machinery, etc. the number of reducer products used in these industries It has accounted for 60% - 70% of the total number of reducers used in various industries in China.

Heavy machinery market demand is large

The demand for heavy machinery equipment and spare parts in the international market will also increase. With the gradual recovery of European and American economies, the re establishment of the status of the real economy in the national economy, as well as the capital construction needs of developing countries, heavy machinery products will have greater development space in the international market.

At the same time of increasing market demand for heavy machinery, the industry has also carried out fruitful work in product upgrading, integration of industrialization and industrialization, energy conservation and emission reduction. In terms of product upgrading, the pace of technological upgrading of old products, which has remained unchanged for many years, is speeding up. The bridge crane industry enterprises adopt the way of joint or independent research and development to innovate the old products one after another, forming the upsurge of product upgrading in the industry. Beijing lifting and Transportation Machinery Research Institute has carried out a series of lightweight work of bridge crane with many enterprises, and has made progress at present. The industry has actively introduced frequency control drive technology, remote control and information technology to accelerate the upgrading of products to high-end technology. The main lifting device of frequency conversion drive without gearbox developed by the industry began to test water in the market.

Gear reducer in heavy machinery is developing well

With the national attention to the machinery manufacturing industry, the acceleration of the localization process of major equipment and the commencement of urban transformation, venue construction and other engineering projects, the reducer market has a good prospect, and the whole industry will maintain a rapid development trend, especially the growth of gear reducer will be greatly improved, which is related to the majority of imported equipment supporting the use of gear reducer.

Reducer is a kind of power transmission mechanism. Its purpose is to reduce the speed and increase the torque. It has many kinds, different models, different kinds and different uses. The products of reducer design for heavy machinery include all kinds of gear reducers, planetary gear reducers, worm and worm reducers and cycloid pin wheel reducers, as well as all kinds of special transmission devices.

Development trend of reducer

① high level and high performance. The cylindrical gears are generally carburized, Quenched and grinded, with the capacity increased by more than 4 times, small volume, light weight, low noise, high efficiency and high reliability.

② modular design. The basic parameters are priority number, size and specification are neat, parts are universal and interchangeable, series are easy to expand and renovate, which is conducive to mass production and cost reduction.

③ diversified types and multiple variant designs. It gets rid of the traditional single base installation mode, and adds different types such as hollow shaft suspension type, floating support base, integrated connection of motor and reducer, multi-directional installation surface, etc. to expand the scope of use.

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