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Introduction to WP reducer

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Introduction to WP reducer

WP reducer, also known as WP reducer, is divided into standard WPS series, standard WPD series, standard WPA, WPO.WPDA.WPDO, WPDS, WPDS, etc. The WP worm gear reducer is developed on the basis of the WD reducer. The worm is made of 45# high-quality steel and processed by heat treatment. The worm wheel is made of tin bronze, with good wear resistance, especially in terms of bearing capacity. Worm gear reducer is mainly suitable for the reduction transmission of various mechanical equipment such as plastics, metallurgy, beverage, mining, lifting and transportation, chemical construction and so on.

It is composed of one or several pairs of meshing gears, worm gears, worms, etc. installed in a rigid sealed box, and is used as an independent part in the machine. It is often used as a transmission device for deceleration between the prime mover and the working machine. On the contrary, in a few occasions, such as centrifugal compressors and other speed-increasing transmission devices, such transmission devices are called speed-increasing machines.

Due to its compact structure, low efficiency (gear reducer), accurate and reliable transmission movement, use and maintenance and wholesale production, the reducer is widely used in the fields of chemical plants, machinery and engineering institutions.

There are many types of reducers, generally can be divided into gear (cylindrical gear, bevel gear) reducer, worm gear reducer and other types. According to the number of stages of the reducer, it is divided into single-stage, two-stage and three-stage reducers. There are also vertical and horizontal points. The reducer is mainly composed of gears (or worm gears), shafts, bearings, and casings, while gears (or worm gears), shafts, bearings, etc. are supported by the casings. Therefore, the box shell should have sufficient rigidity to avoid deformation after being loaded, which will affect the transmission quality and work performance. The reducers produced by regular reducer manufacturers are all made of cast steel.

Installation matters

1. When installing the reducer, it must be firmly installed on the machine without looseness. During this process, it is necessary to confirm whether the rotation direction of the reducer is correct, and then the installation operation can be performed intermittently.

2. The reducer should not be stored for too long. If the oil seal is not immersed in the lubricating oil for more than 3-6 months, it is recommended that the user replace the oil seal.

3. Please follow the code for the use of the reducer, the standard working environment temperature is -5 degrees to 10 degrees, if it exceeds this rated value, please pay attention.

4. Reducers are usually used in conjunction with reduction motors or motors, so ventilation devices must be installed to improve heat dissipation and maintain normal operation.

5. When using after installation, you must first check the lubricating oil level, instead of raising the load to the highest immediately, it is recommended to increase it gradually.

6. It is recommended to install protective devices around the reducer and the reduction motor.

7. The above installation rules also include reducers with electromagnetic clutches and electromagnetic brakes (ie clutch brake reducers). Check the operation of the electromagnetic clutch and electromagnetic brake device before in

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