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How to prevent the planetary reducer from rusting?

Publish Time: 2022-10-13 Origin: site

At present, planetary reducers have been widely used in various industries. Our prevention of rust is the guarantee for prolonging the life of planetary reducers, and is also the premise for the normal operation of planetary reducers every day. How can we prevent planetary reducers from rusting?

1. Planetary reducer is mainly composed of gear transmission and worm transmission. Planetary reducer is mainly used as a mechanical device for reduction drive. Planetary reducer is widely used in modern machinery because of its matching with the speed and transmission torque of prime mover or actuator. The oxygen and water in the lubricating oil will lead to the corrosion of reducing agent, which is mainly caused by the acid and sulfide in the lubricating oil. We can add some rust inhibitors and preservatives to prevent the lubricating oil from rusting.

2. We can add some lubricating oil on the conflicting surface to form an oil film on the surface, so that the metal will not contact with each other, which can reduce wear and prevent the anti rust layer from falling.

3. The planetary reducer shall be kept clean and dry at ordinary times.

4. A layer of non corrosive metal is coated on the surface of the planetary reducer to form an oxide film, and then the reductant is directly contacted with water and air for corrosion.

If the corrosion is serious, it will affect the service life and efficiency of the planetary reducer. Therefore, before using the planetary reducer, we should do a good job in the rust prevention method mentioned above, so that we can ensure that the planetary reducer can be used for a long time.

The above is the way to prevent the planetary reducer from rusting.


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