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How to use and maintain the gear reducer

Publish Time: 2022-10-13 Origin: site

In recent years, gear reducers have been widely used in the machining industry. We must improve our grasp of the basic knowledge of gear reducers. Only in this way can we better operate gear reducers in the future. Now, Huideno gear reducer manufacturers will talk about how to use and maintain gear reducers.

1. Pay attention to the construction of the reducer assembly site. For the assembly of the reducer, it is required that the ground should be flat and the ventilation conditions should be as good as possible. It should be known that the assembly site has a great impact on the use of the reducer in the future.

2. Pay attention to the daily maintenance of the reducer. It can't be used only without maintenance. This is a big taboo for the use of the reducer. The service life of the reducer should be reduced by at least one third without maintenance.

Therefore, the daily maintenance is very critical. The daily maintenance of the reducer involves the use, removal and replacement of lubricating oil, inspection of whether everything is normal on the assembly foundation, seals, transmission shafts, etc., and the maintenance of key parts such as the casing removal.

The reducer cleaning and maintenance machine can use the original oil supply and drainage system of the reducer and the filtered old oil to clean the reducer, quickly filter the waste oil, add new oil and other functions. The operation process does not change the hardware facilities and do not use cleaning agents, which ensures the safe operation of the reducer and increases its service life.

3. Pay attention to the maintenance when the reducer is out of service. When the reducer is out of service, the customer can't ignore it. Just like a car, it's OK to drive it every day. But if it's sunny and rainy for a year, you may need to go to the garage first if you want to drive it again. When the reducer is idle, it should be checked and maintained regularly according to the provisions of the instruction manual. When it is used again, it can be ensured that it is ready for use and will not have unexpected faults.


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