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What lubricating oil is added to the reducer?

Publish Time: 2022-08-25 Origin: site

During the consultation process of many fans, some users often ask me when to change the lubricating oil of the reducer, how to change the lubricating oil when changing the lubricating oil, and so on. Well, let's take a look at these specific issues today.

The reducer is generally lubricated with 40 # or 50 # mechanical oil under normal temperature. In order to improve the performance of the reducer and prolong the service life of the gear reducer, it is recommended to use 70 # or 90 # low pressure gear oil. The lubricating oil can also be reconsidered when working under high and low temperature.

The viscosity of the lubricating oil selected in different service environments is different.

As for how often to change the lubricating oil, it depends on how long it is used. Some users have a bad service environment, and they need to change the lubricating oil after 2000 hours of service. The details should be determined according to the use strength.

When adding lubricating oil to the reducer, it should also be noted that the amount of lubricating oil to be added is different for different series, different models and different installation positions. When adding lubricating oil, please clean the inside before adding new lubricating oil.


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