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What are the faults caused by aging reduction motor?

Publish Time: 2022-08-25 Origin: site

Aging of motor will cause many problems, and the signs are generally the increase of surface temperature, the decrease of self working efficiency and the increase of working current.

Aging is divided into several types: aging of motor insulation layer and aging of motor machinery.

Aging of the insulation layer of the motor will cause equipment failure of the electrical equipment. Abnormal insulation layer between phases or to the ground of the motor will cause inter turn short circuit or lack of phase operation, or broken rotor bar of the motor will cause insufficient output of the motor and cause overcurrent.

Mechanical aging of the motor will cause equipment failures such as bore sweeping, bearing overtemperature, excessive vibration and abnormal sound. As long as such equipment failures are found and solved as soon as possible, the motor will not be burnt.

Whether it is mechanical aging or insulation aging, the motor will not be burnt out at once. The current, front and rear bearing temperature, motor body temperature, working current balance, motor vibration and other parameters will give corresponding feedback.

Regular maintenance and timely cleaning and maintenance of the motor are indispensable. If the working parameters are checked every day and statistics are made, the abnormal parameters can be solved as soon as possible during patrol inspection, which can effectively protect the motor.

On time maintenance basically means that the front and rear end bearings must be filled with grease on time, the ventilation holes must be cleaned on time, the wiring terminals must be fastened on time, and the insulation layer, working current and load of the motor coil must be checked on time.

Depending on the aging position, the possible equipment failure will be different. If the insulation layer is aging, it may cause equipment failure such as ground breakdown and phase to phase short circuit. If the housing is aging, the sealing performance of the motor may be reduced and it may be susceptible to moisture. If the fixed position is burnt out, the motor vibration may be increased and aging may be accelerated.


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