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How to improve the precision level of reducer?

Publish Time: 2022-08-03 Origin: site

Reducer is a mechanism that uses gear speed converter to decelerate the rotation number of motor (motor) to the required rotation number and obtain large torque. Reducer is widely used in the transmission of power and motion mechanism.

Briefly introduce several methods to improve the accuracy level of the reducer:

1. Theoretical knowledge is becoming more and more perfect and closer to reality (such as gear strength calculation method, modification technology, deformation calculation, optimization design method, smooth transition of tooth root, new structure, etc.);

2. High quality alloy steel forgings are generally used to improve the quality control level of materials and heat treatment;

3. The structural design is more reasonable;

4. Improve the machining accuracy to iso5-6 level;

5. Improve the quality and service life of bearings;

6. Improve the quality of lubricating oil.

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