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Selection method of WPA reducer

Publish Time: 2022-05-16 Origin: site

1. Calculation formula of input power and output torque:

Input power P(KW)= output torque T(N.m)x Output shaft speed N2(r/min)/(9549x efficiency η). The input power of cast iron worm gear reducer is the input power capacity of the reducer, and the output torque is the allowable carrying capacity of the reducer, which is listed in the power and torque table of the VEMTE reducer selection sample for selection.

2. Conversion formula of speed of input shaft and output shaft:

Output shaft speed N2(r/min)= input speed N1(r/min)/ transmission ratio i. When the WPA reduction motor is driven by belt wheel, sprocket wheel and coupling, the input shaft speed should not exceed 2000(r/min), and the general speed range is 600~1800(r/min). Too high rotational speed tends to aggravate the friction of bearings and shorten their life.

3. Calculation formula of reducer efficiency η :

Efficiency η =(output power/input power)x100%. Due to friction and vibration in wet phosphoric acid reducer during operation, part of the input energy will be converted into heat energy and other non-working consumption. Efficiency is the utilization rate of input energy of WPA worm gear reducer. Efficiency depends on the number of worm heads, worm rotations, lubricating oil viscosity, bearing friction resistance and friction coefficient of turbine pair materials. Each specification and gearbox's efficiency value is different.

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