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Application of WPKA60 worm gear reducer

Publish Time: 2022-05-10 Origin: site

WPKA60-50-0.37 KW worm reducer jue along the reducer is widely applied in assembly line equipment, food packaging equipment, welding equipment, textile printing and dyeing, glass, pharmaceutical, leather making, environmental protection equipment, cement equipment, coal, oil, chemical, rubber, hoisting, transportation, industrial automation, industrial robot, mechanical transmission of medical test and other heavy industries.


Wpka60-50-0.37kw worm gear reducer Jushun reducer factory (standard GB9147-88) is a new type of reducer used in the 1990s. The tooth profile of worm is arc, the contact between worm and worm is concave and convex surface, enhancing the strength of tooth surface, making the bearing capacity 2-3 times higher than the old standard straight tooth worm reducer, and the efficiency of more than 80%. The input to this reducer can be positive or negative.


Unidirectional operation, the speed is generally less than 1500 RPM, the working environment temperature is -40~ 40. Single worm with large transmission ratio can realize reverse self-locking.

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