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Why does WP worm gear reducer wear?

Publish Time: 2022-05-16 Origin: site

WP series worm gear reducer is a very important part in the machinery. In industrial applications, worm gear reducer has the function of slowing down and increasing torque, widely used in ships, automobiles, locomotives and heavy construction machinery. But in use, many customers find that worm gear reducer will wear over a long time.

WP worm gear reducer wear many reasons. It may be that the worm gear reducer transmission belt is not fixed, the worm friction increases, the inner shaft wear is serious. So how to reduce the wear of worm gear reducer?

To reduce this, we must pay attention to regular inspection, lubrication and friction and careful replacement of parts in use. It may also be due to the invasion of foreign bodies, resulting in worm gear deformation damage. In this case, open the shell and use a powerful vacuum cleaner to suck out the debris. When an object is larger, it can be removed directly with a tool, and the damaged area can be greased. Worm gear mismatch, shaft clearance is too large, insufficient lubricating oil. Grind the tooth surface to make it match, add proper amount of lubricating oil according to the instruction, turn on the machine to check whether it is normal.

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