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Characteristics of WPKA50 worm gear reducer

Publish Time: 2022-05-10 Origin: site

WPKA50 worm gear reducer is developed on the basis of WD reducer. The worm is made of 45# high quality steel after heat treatment, and the worm wheel is cast by tin bronze, with good wear resistance, especially strong bearing capacity. Worm gear reducer is mainly used for plastic, metallurgy, beverage, mining, lifting transportation, chemical construction and other mechanical equipment deceleration transmission.

Characteristics of reducer:

1. Smooth transmission, low vibration, impact, noise, large reduction ratio, wide versatility, can be used with all kinds of mechanical equipment.

2. Large transmission ratio can be obtained through single stage transmission, compact structure. Most models of reducer have good self-locking, for mechanical equipment with braking requirements, can omit the braking device.

3. The meshing friction loss between worm thread and worm gear tooth surface is large, so the transmission efficiency is lower than that of gear, and it is easy to heat and high temperature.

4. Higher requirements for lubrication and cooling.

5. Good compatibility. Worm and gear are manufactured according to national standards. Bearings and oil seals are made of standard parts.

Working conditions:

1. Worm speed of worm gear reducer should not exceed 1500 RPM.

2. The operating temperature is -40-+40. When the working environment temperature is below 0, the lubricating oil must be heated to above 0before starting. When the ambient temperature is higher than 40 ° C, cooling measures must be taken.

3. Worm gear reducer can rotate forward and backward.

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