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What should I do when the gear reducer has strong vibration?

Publish Time: 2022-12-06 Origin: site

Generally speaking, when we use gear reducers (including gear reducers, worm reducers, etc.), their vibration is relatively normal, but if the vibration amplitude is relatively large, we need to pay attention to them. Because this is an abnormal phenomenon, we cannot ignore it. Cause the gear reducer to have strong vibration?

A: The fixing screws are loose. Due to long-term operation, gear reducers (including gear reducers, worm reducers, etc.) may have loose screws and damaged screws. These problems may cause vibration and abnormal working conditions of the gear reducer.

B. Coupling damage. When the connection to the working gear reducer is damaged due to oil leakage and the screws are damaged, it will increase its vibration to the gear reducer, so as to cause abnormal vibration of the gear reducer.

C. The motor screws are loose. Similar to the coupler failure, when the motor vibrates due to various reasons, it also transmits its own vibration to the gear reducer, which makes the vibration of the gear reducer greater;

D. Bearing wear (including basic types of component failures) is severe. This reason has been repeatedly explained, which will lead to the failure of gear reducer (including gear reducer, worm reducer, etc.);

E. That is, the gear is damaged. Gear damage usually has serious tooth surface depression, increased gear mesh clearance, excessive gear wear (failure of basic types of components) and fracture of the number of teeth. For example, the wear of these gears may cause gear reducers (including gear reducers, worm reducers, etc.) to work normally due to vibration; Gear reducer

F. The shaft is balanced due to deformation. When the strength and hardness of the shaft cannot meet the requirements or is aging due to long-term work, the shaft will be deformed, and the deformation of the shaft will cause the vibration of the gear reducer (including the gear reducer, worm reducer, etc.).

Prevention and elimination methods

A. Fixing foot bolt (composed of head and screw);

B. Check the location and cause of coupling damage, and repair the coupling in time;

C. Tighten the loose screws of the motor;

The above is an analysis of the causes of strong vibration of gear reducers (including gear reducers, worm reducers, etc.) during operation and corresponding solutions. I hope you can read it carefully.


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