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What happens to the reducer that will burn?

Publish Time: 2022-11-17 Origin: site

Due to improper operation or no attention in daily use, the reducer circuit will be abnormal and burnt. What aspects should we pay attention to.

1. The three-phase electrical voltage is unstable. The voltage instability includes that the three-phase electrical voltage is different, three-phase electrical phase loss, and the voltage is too low.

2. Repeated operation, repeated operation is the greatest harm to the reducer. When the reducer is opened and closed, the current is very large. Long term repeated operation is the biggest cause of the reducer burning.

3. Long term overload and incorrect power selection will cause the machine itself to heat up, and the reducer will burn out after a long time.

4. The motor suffers from water ingress, which is also very harmful. If the motor is powered on after water ingress, the internal short circuit will occur, which will burn the reducer.

5. If the transmission is blocked during the mechanical operation, the reducer will generate a lot of heat, which will burn the machinery.

In the process of operating the reducer, if there are long-term overloads, water ingress into the motor, etc., we do not pay attention to the cleaning of the shares, which will easily cause the reducer to burn. This will not only cause economic losses, but also affect our work efficiency. Therefore, we must pay attention to the above points in the use process.


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