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Planetary reducer is an important part of mechanical equipment

Publish Time: 2022-11-17 Origin: site

As a reducer between motor and transmission drum, planetary reducer is one of the important components of many mechanical equipment. Precision planetary reducer should not only meet the requirements of designing conveyor for power, speed ratio and torque, but also develop its own characteristics of light weight, small volume, high efficiency, durability and convenient maintenance.

The function of precision planetary reducer is to reduce speed, increase torque and change the transmission direction of force. There are many kinds of planetary reducers, which are simply classified according to the reduction level, gear shape, arrangement of reduction mechanism, etc.

Lubrication and use requirements of planetary reducer:

Precision planetary reducer is an important part of power transmission in mechanical equipment. The lubrication of servo precision planetary reducer is very important to the reducer. It can reduce the wear of parts, prolong the service life, reduce noise, cool and clean parts, and play a certain sealing role. Common reducers generally use splash lubrication, so pay attention to check the oil level and quality of lubricating oil during maintenance. During the first low-temperature start-up, it is best to operate at low speed with zero load first, and only operate with load when the oil temperature rises and the lubrication is good.


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