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What preparations are required before assembly of reducer

Publish Time: 2022-08-11 Origin: site

Precautions for reducer assembly preparation:

1. The breather valve must be opened before the reducer operates;

2. The six assembly forms will cover the failure of the oil splashing mode of the reducer, and the manufacturer shall be consulted;

3. In the six assembly forms, the assembly positions of the exhaust valve, oil level inspection bolt and oil drain bolt are different;

4. The requirements for the filling amount of lubricating oil in the six assembly forms are different;

5. Note that it is usually unrealistic to accurately judge the oil quantity when the reducer is running.

Precautions for gear unit refueling preparation:

In the splash lubricated reducer, when the load is close to the thermal power, the accurate oil filling amount is very important. In some cases, the operating temperature may rise to 15-20 ℃ above the normal temperature simply because of adding 15% more oil. This will reduce the lubricating capacity of the oil and seriously damage the reducer. When the oil level does not reach the oil level indicated by the arrow mark, the gear can not reach the oil level and splash lubrication can be realized.

1. Oil filling form of reducer

Remove the breather valve and oil level inspection bolt, and add oil from the breather valve until the oil level can be seen through the oil level inspection bolt.

2. Inspection form of reducer oil level

In the shutdown state, remove the oil level inspection bolt, and it can be seen that the oil level is below it.

3. Oil drainage and inspection form of reducer

Remove the oil drain bolt at the bottom to drain and inspect the oil.

Confirm the assembly form of reducer:

1. Check whether the rubber of the breather valve is removed and whether the breather valve is damaged.

2. Confirm the assembly positions of the breather valve, oil drain bolt and oil level adjusting bolt according to the different assembly forms of the reducer.

3. It is specified that the oil level adjusting bolt is a red bolt. After the position is determined, it is painted red.

4. Check the lubricating oil of the reducer according to the position of the oil level adjusting bolt to ensure the lubricating oil quantity and lubrication effect.

5. According to the data given above, the workshop actively carried out the training on the assembly and use of the reducer for the operators. The training plan is sent to the equipment department.

6. Make statistics, report and rectify the problems found.


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