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Introduction to gear transmission principle of WPDO200 reducer

Publish Time: 2022-06-28 Origin: site

The planetary gear transmission of wpdo200 reducer adopts bearing steel, the main transmission part is grounded, and multi tooth meshing is adopted during transmission. Therefore, its bearing capacity is high, and the running CVT is a CVT, mainly through pressing. The utility model comprises a driving wheel device, a motor transmission mechanism and a speed control mechanism. High strength: when the impact is increased or the machine is reversed, the machine has reliable performance and can rotate accurately. The rear seat.

Large shift range: the gear ratio is 1:5, that is, the output speed can be arbitrarily changed from 1:45 to 1:7.25. In recent decades, cycloidal gearless transmission has developed into one of the most widely used basic types of transmissions with small tooth difference. In addition, the combination of double tooth difference, compound tooth type, planetary bearing and eccentric sleeve has been developed. New transmission structure. High speed regulation accuracy: the speed regulation accuracy is 1--0.5 rpm.

Wpdo200 reducer has stable performance: the transmission parts of the machine are subject to special heat treatment, the friction parts are precision machined, with good lubricity, stable operation, low noise and long service life. The coaxial structure of wpdo200 reducer: the input shaft and output shaft rotate in the same direction, with small volume and light weight. Powerful combination ability: CVT can be combined with various reducers to achieve low-speed and high torque conversion effect.

When the load is allowed, the set speed is constant; The machine seal can be used in humid, dusty and slightly corrosive working environment. Technical parameters: Power: 0.18kw~7.5kw in this device, the transmission ratio of ordinary fixed shaft cylindrical gear is small, the volume is large, and the structure is heavy; The efficiency of ordinary cylindrical worm drive is low; Planetary gear transmission has large transmission ratio and light weight. It has the advantages of compact structure and has been widely used.


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