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Features of QY series hard tooth surface reducer for cranes

Publish Time: 2024-05-28 Origin: site

The QY series hard tooth surface reducer adopts hard tooth surface gears with high tooth surface hardness and strong load-bearing capacity. Compared with traditional soft tooth surface reducers, it has a longer service life and higher transmission efficiency. In the lifting, slewing, and other mechanisms of cranes, The QY series gearbox has the following significant features:

1、 High strength and rigidity

The QY series gearbox adopts an integral box structure, which has the characteristics of high strength and high rigidity. It can withstand larger radial and axial loads, effectively reduce vibration and noise in gear transmission, and improve the stability of the transmission system.

2、 Hard tooth surface gear

WPEA80-147,WPEA100-155,WPEA120-175,WPEA135-200,WPEA155-250 Hard toothed gears have higher wear resistance and bending fatigue strength, and can withstand higher speeds and torques, allowing cranes to maintain stable transmission performance even under frequent starting, braking, and reversing.

3、 Low maintenance and long lifespan

The QY series reducer adopts high-quality materials and advanced heat treatment technology, with high surface hardness of gears and good wear resistance, effectively extending the service life of the reducer. At the same time, its sealing performance is excellent, the lubrication system is complete, and it reduces the trouble of daily maintenance.

4、 High transmission efficiency

Due to the high transmission efficiency of hard tooth surface gears, The QY series reducer can significantly improve the transmission efficiency of the entire machine, reduce energy loss, and lower operating costs in cranes.

5、 Large speed ratio range

The QY series gearbox has a large speed ratio range, which can meet the requirements of different lifting equipment for the gearbox speed ratio, making the entire machine have good speed regulation performance and starting performance.

6、 Good thermal characteristics

The heat generated by hard toothed gears during transmission is relatively low, and the heat dissipation performance of the reducer is good, which can effectively reduce the temperature of the gears and prevent gear damage caused by overheating.

7、 Easy to install and maintain

The QY series gearbox adopts a modular design, which is easy to install and maintain. When replacement or repair is needed, there is no need to disassemble the entire transmission system, reducing maintenance costs and time.

In summary, The QY series hard tooth surface reducer in cranes has significant characteristics such as high strength, high rigidity, hard tooth surface gears, low maintenance, long service life, high transmission efficiency, large speed ratio range, and good thermal characteristics. These characteristics make the QY series reducer have good application effects in cranes, improving the stability and reliability of the entire machine, extending its service life, and reducing operating and maintenance costs.

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