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Repair method of turbine reducer

Publish Time: 2022-11-07 Origin: site

Worn, pitted and bonded worm gear reducer can be replaced and corrected, and worm can be machined from scratch. Worm gear and worm gear tooth surface have smooth combination, pitting and single tooth surface defects can be corrected by repairing welding, milling, scraping and grinding.

1. Remove the fairing system

Remove the lock nut of the worm gear, unload the worm gear with special tools and check the engagement between the worm and the worm gear, including the direction of the contact area, wear condition, etc.

2. Remove the worm gear reducer

Cycloidal pin wheel reducer disassembly belt cover, pulley, V-belt, bolt, disassembly coupling, base hanger motor.

3. and shaft

The wear of journal can be corrected by spraying, brushing and grinding after electroplating. The keyway on the shaft is damaged, and the keyway is processed at the corresponding position of the original keyway.

4. Remove the worm gear reducer

Dismantle pulley, cover, V-belt, coupling, bolt, easy to hang motor. In China, gear reducers are widely used in the slewing mechanism of tower crane machinery in mining, metallurgy, building chemicals, hoisting, transportation, cement, textile, printing, dyeing, pharmaceutical and other fields. Remove the bolts at both ends of the worm cover and the reducer split surface, lift the upper cover of the casing and place it on the rubber plate. Avoid damage and check for oil leaks.

5. Clean and deburr the parts before installation, and check the size, shape accuracy, surface roughness, etc. according to the drawings.

Cycloidal reducer is a kind of planetary transmission principle. All transmission devices of cycloidal pin gear reducer can be divided into three parts: input, deceleration and output.


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