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Installation of planetary gear reducer coil and embedded wire

Publish Time: 2022-10-25 Origin: site

The installation of the coil and embedded wire of the gear reducer is actually very simple, but there are technical requirements. The coil and embedded wire are both important components of the gear reducer, which directly affect the normal operation of the gear reducer. The understanding of the coil and embedded wire can better help you understand the working principle of the gear reducer.

(1) For repair units, the number of gear reducers to be repaired is very small, so special wooden moulds can be considered. As the gear reducer coil has different soft and hard components, the structure of the winding die and the calculation of the die center size are also different.

(2) Winding and forming of gear reducer coil the scattered soft winding coil of gear reducer is wound and formed on the winding die. Put white cloth tape at the four corners of the winding mold. After winding the foot turns, use white cloth tape to tie the coil tightly. Put the lead wire on the glass wool bushing. Then take down the coil mold to wind the hard winding coil with flat steel wire. After winding the foot turns and before winding the gear reducer coil, use white cloth tape to tie the four corners of the coil tightly. After the coil is removed, the two ends of the coil shall be half wrapped with white cloth tape, and the groove of the coil shall be sparsely wrapped with a layer to serve as the protective layer during stretching, and then the nose end elbow, stretching and end forming processes shall be carried out. When the bending tool coil at the nose end of the gear reducer coil is pulled with a simple pulling plate coil, the upper board of the gear reducer Z is closely attached to the lower board, and it moves slowly along the length of the board until the desired pitch is reached. In addition, the end of the armature coil of the gear reducer should be in an arc shape, so the end of the coil should be bent or bent into a rice shape with tools. The arc radii of the upper and lower layers of the end of the gear reducer coil are generally not equal, so it is required that the pressing die should be reversed after making a sample according to the old line.

(3) Single turn forming line 1 is used to make single turn forming line For fabrication, the monthly length of the old wire plus a certain margin (generally about 30mm) shall be used as the blanking length of the winding coil. Draw out the arc r of the well end on the wire bending tool. See the figure of the nose end and the forming procedure of the winding on the vise. For the forming procedure of the wave winding, the second winding can also be formed in a similar way.

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