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Limit operating temperature of direct axis reducer

Publish Time: 2022-09-08 Origin: site

I believe everyone has heard of temperature rise. Temperature rise refers to the temperature difference with the environment, which is generally caused by heating caused by long-term operation. Temperature rise is an important indicator in the operation process, which can clearly know the heating degree of the reducer in use. In operation, if the temperature of the direct axis reducer has reached the limit operating temperature of 50 ℃, it means that there is a fault inside the reducer, the vent is blocked, or the reducer has been overloaded.

If the temperature generated by the operation of the direct axis gear reducer exceeds the mechanical limit operating temperature for a long time, the aging of the insulation material will be accelerated, thus greatly shortening the service life of the reducer. Therefore, during the operation process, temperature is also one of the main reasons affecting the service life of the direct axis gear reducer.

No matter for the reducer, the extreme operating temperature will make the reducer in the expected life of design. Generally, the temperature of the reducer can be between - 40 ℃ and - 50 ℃ during operation. Therefore, the extreme operating temperature of the direct axis reducer is 50 ℃.

Although the direct axis reducer itself will have the function of heat dissipation, it will be in equilibrium when the heat generation and heat dissipation are equal. If the temperature emitted by the operation suddenly rises at this time, it will break this equilibrium, resulting in a continuous rise in temperature, which will affect the normal operation of the direct axis reducer. The reducer will be affected by the temperature when it is working, so it is necessary to always pay attention to maintaining a stable temperature during the working process, so as to prolong the service life of the reducer.


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