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What lubricating oil is used for WPO reducer

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What lubricating oil is used for WPO reducer

1. Under normal conditions, the horizontal cycloid reducer adopts oil pool lubrication, and the oil level can be kept in the middle of the oil window. When the working conditions are bad and the ambient temperature is high, circulating lubrication can be used.

2. The cycloid pin gear reducer is usually lubricated with 40 # or 50 # mechanical oil at room temperature. In order to improve the performance of the reducer and prolong the service life of the cycloid pin gear reducer, it is recommended to use 70 # or 90 # extreme pressure gear oil. The lubricating oil can also be reconsidered when working at high and low temperatures.

3. When installing the planetary cycloid pin gear reducer vertically, the oil pump shall be strictly prevented from cutting off oil to avoid damage to the components of the reducer.

4. When refuelling, you can unscrew the vent cap on the upper part of the machine base to refuel. When draining the oil, unscrew the oil drain plug at the lower part of the machine base to drain the dirty oil. There is no lubricating oil inside the reducer when it leaves the factory.

5. The oil should be replaced after the first 100 hours of refueling operation (and the internal dirty oil should be flushed) and then work continuously. It should be replaced every six months (8-hour working system). If the working conditions are bad, the oil change time can be appropriately shortened. Practice has proved that the frequent cleaning and oil change of the reducer (such as 3-6 months) plays an important role in prolonging the service life of the reducer. Lubricating oil should be replenished frequently during use.

6. The newly issued reducer has been lubricated and replaced every six months. Aluminum disulfide -2# or 2l-2# lithium based lubricating grease is used.

7. Common models of reducer lubricating oil include tieba big7 super gear lubricating oil, tieba synpoly synthetic gear oil, etc.


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