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Main functions of wpwedk155-250 worm gear reducer

Publish Time: 2022-06-23 Origin: site

Main functions of wpwedk155-250 worm gear reducer:

1. Worm gear reducers are divided into common cast iron worm gear reducers and aluminum alloy worm gear reducers.

2. The worm gear reducer is usually used for the transmission mechanism with high torque and low speed. After passing the motor and other high-speed power through the worm gear reducer, the speed will be reduced and the output torque will be increased. The worm gear reducer is installed between the motor and the working unit. The motor transmits power, and the worm gear reducer slows down, so as to transfer the speed and torque from the output shaft to the working unit.

3. The transmission stages of worm gear reducer are divided into two stages and single stage. The transmission stages can be selected according to the actual needs of mechanical equipment, and worm gear reducer is usually used together with motor and gearbox. The worm gear reducer with single entry and double shafts can also be equipped with electromagnetic clutch and electromagnetic brake at both input ends to form a superior combination of reducer clutch and brake with functions of deceleration, braking and clutch.

Installation of wpwedk155-250 worm gear reducer:

1. a variety of installation forms can be adopted according to actual requirements, and all six surfaces can be installed.

2. the installation must be firm and reliable.

3. the working mechanisms of prime mover and reducer shall be carefully aligned, and the error shall not be greater than the allowable compensation of the used coupling.

4. rotate by hand after installation, which must be flexible and free of jamming.


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